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In Solidarity with SWOP Members Nationwide, I appear in this Media Matters for America video on the

I make no bones about the fact that I'm a former and possibly, future sex worker. Sex worker in My case meaning former prostitute, stripper, webcam girl, and phone sex operator. I spent 10 years notably as a public figure, adult entertainer, Sexy Sapphire, also known affectionately as Bmore's Hidden Jewel.

I owe a lot of My success in 2018 to the fact that I'm open to sharing My story, advocating for other sex workers and that the media has been instrumental in helping Me get My story and mission across. In fact, it was a fellow sex worker friend, the same one who introduced Me to SWOP ( Sex Worker's Outreach Project) who not only invited Me to speak at an event in December, leading to appearances in the Baltimore Beat and iconic TIME Magazine but helped Me get into this video for Media Matters for America.

Many of you paid no attention to the recent passage of the SESTA-FOSTA acts because they didn't directly affect you. These laws were passed purporting to be in place to help stop sex trafficking. However, these laws are actually harming adults who made conscious decisions to become sex workers. The government has passed laws that allow them to shut down and seize assets from websites that COULD be used for the sex trafficking of minors. These sites don't actually have to be complicit in human trafficking.

This caused some sites to be shut down, some others to limit the usage of it's site by those who post adult content. It's majorly affected sex workers's across the U.S. with I'd guess the exception of Nevada, where the government is profiting off of sex workers and collecting taxes via legal brothels.

On International Sex Worker's Day, sex workers from across the U.S. converged on Capitol Hill to rally and speak with senators about how these pieces of legislation is actually hurting families and consensual sex workers. I make two appearances in the video below. Check it out

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