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There's Something Peaceful About Rediscovering the You that You've Lost.

Recently, I launched a new master class, an extension of the therapeutic writing workshop and the results have been short of amazing. I really like the freedom allowed in the free weekly workshop, but I have been wanting to go more in-depth with group coaching for a while.

I let My fears and need for familiarity stop Me.

I questioned My own effectiveness and if I could manage being responsible for people weekly. Honestly, if not for Covid-19, I might still be exhausting the limitless excuses I came up with for not taking the leap from leading live groups to online group coaching.

When I released the registration, I was worried too many people would register so I capped the registration limit and ended up with a great group of 13 consistent participants. Weekly, I have been leading them through some very intense journal writing exercises along with live group coaching sessions. The growth in just under four weeks in some, is very visible. Class participants are finding support from people who may or may not look like themselves, confronting negative belief systems, releasing long-held shame, and defying the naysayers around AND inside of them.

I too, am growing, as a woman and a coach. Leading this group through the darkness of their past into the bright new light of the future they desire and deserve, I am constantly reliving, re-evaluating, and redefining My own thoughts, experiences, and beliefs.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t not only proud of Myself but extremely excited about the fire that teaching this class has lit under Me.

Regina is one of 13 students in the July/August 2020 Rediscover the You Within Master Class. Hear what she has to say after just one week in class with Coach Melony.

Interested in more information about this program? Visit

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