Who Is Melony Hill?


Once counted out by society due to the obstacles she had to overcome and challenges she faces daily, Melony has proven that she is a survivor.  The 8x author and advocate is a survivor of long-term molestation, physical, mental and emotional abuse in the home.

At the age of seven, Melony witnessed the murder of one of her abusers, her stepfather, in the family's home.Her mother picked up the ritual of abuse when her husband died, abusing Melony herself in every way possible. By the time Melony was 14-years-old, her mother had been diagnosed with HIV. Her mother wasted away quickly, passing away when Melony was only 17 years of age.

A lifetime of abuse and sexual assault led Melony to a life on the streets. Melony found herself prostituting, dancing at parties and eventually in the adult entertainment industry. She was living wild and dangerously.

 She'd occasionally pass out and would lose time, forgetting not only things that happened, but people she'd met as well. In 2009 Melony started intensive outpatient therapy, seeing a therapist 1-3 days a week was diagnosed with a multitude of emotional dysfunctions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety disorder and dissociative identity disorder

( multiple personalities)


Therapy changed her life. Years of intense therapy led to her finding more stably in life. Over the years, she's had her relapses and any day could be a bad day, but most days are good. She loves to help people achieve their dreams and goals as she has.


Never one to let an obstacle deter her from her goals, Melony has thrived, despite her mental, physical and emotional limitations. A full-time entrepreneur since 2007, after multiple career paths, she found he true calling as a Curator of Safe Spaces to have hard conversations. Over the last two years, Melony has self-published 8 books, spoken at colleges and universities, became a Life Transition Coach and launched Stronger Than My Struggles to connect other survivors like herself.


Stronger Than My Struggles, aims to heal through the written and spoken word, offering resources, support and services to survivors from all walks of life. Coach Melony hosts a series of workshops in the Baltimore area including a free weekly therapeutic writing workshop, Writing for My Sanity, which she named after her book of poetry.


Taking her mission to connect others with their purpose seriously, Melony leads the Baltimore branch of the Freelancers Union, a national organization with over 350,000 members nationwide. In September 2018, she was voted National Curriculum Lead for the Freelancers Union nationwide.


In May 2019, Melony made history as she launched the first ever Black Mental Health Awareness Tour, Crazy Like a Fox: Black Mental Health Matters. The Crazy Like a Fox tour stems from a one-time event created by Coach Melony in 2018. It has now expanded into a four-city tour.