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I am a Conqueror. I Made it Through a Crazy August.

Reflecting back on August, I find Myself just feeling glad that it has ended. I know that sounds harsh considering I had a wonderful birthday celebration and financially, it was a lucrative month but I was so overwhelmed.

Lately, I’ve found Myself working as hard as if I had a real job and had to catch Myself and remind Myself that I am disabled and I needed to slow down before I crashed.

August was not only a busy month workwise, but I learned a lot about Myself, the woman I’m becoming and even the people around Me.

I held My first solo workshop on July 31st and on August 1st, I launched My free weekly therapeutic writing workshop. I initially had a meditation specialist slated to co-host bi-weekly, however, when dealing with people with mental disorders, you have to roll with the punches. A simple conversation about her crossing My boundaries, led her to cursing at Me and blocking Me on Facebook.

I don’t mind her leaving the workshop, I prefer it rather than work with someone who’s personality doesn’t mesh with Mine. I’ve already found a replacement that I’m more than excited to bring on board. I’ve teamed up with the founder of Poets for Dinner, Grace Givens, to bring poetry to the workshop bi-weekly. Two weeks ago, I had a guest host come in, Ashley, and she was a hit. In fact, I had a guy come to Me looking for more of the writing prompts she had given him. I plan to continue to bring in guest hosts and people who can offer other forms of healing as well.

I got upset last month, I was scammed and in return I don’t know how many people I exposed to a scammer. I planned to put her out there and do a video describing all the things that happened but I got so busy being great, running My business, that I had time to reflect, instead of acting on instinct. The reality is I was only scammed for $60 but I got more than My $60 worth out of the scammer. All I will say is that I’m no longer affiliated with the I didn’t know my own strength tour. It’s important to Me that all businesses I’m affiliated with work with integrity.

I published Reflections of a Survivor on July 31st and have watched it take on a life of its own. My co-authors rock and have been out doing the damn thing. Imani has been having book reading and signings in Detroit and Amanda was the focus of a newspaper article in California in which she mentioned Reflections of a Survivor as well as Writing for My Sanity.

My coaching clients have been rocking out. I’ve been so happy and excited as I watch each and their businesses blossom.

Last week, I hosted My first self-publishing workshop. I was so nervous, I’ve only been hosting workshops for a month and here I was selling $50 tickets to teach people how to publish their books when there were cheaper tickets at $30. I got the shock of My life when a woman from Connecticut purchased a ticket. The workshop went off without a hitch, we had six people there, many of them had purchased a $50 ticket, which included a one-on-one session with Me. I also wrote a 20-page PDF e-book to walk aspiring authors through the self-publishing process from manuscript to published product step-by-step.

The woman from Connecticut and I met the next morning for her one-on-one before she got back on the road. We had an epic time and I think I sent her home realizing that she had already written a book and now she had he tools to self-publish it.

I went through a week of hell trying to get My son registered for his new school, dealt with the yearly animosity I feel as I go through hell to do for him while his father pays child support as if that’s all that’s needed. I really hate that we can’t co-parent better, My son deserves it.

My best friend has surely been demoted to friend, because to be a best friend I think there’s certain criteria that must be met. At this point, I don’t feel much like we’re close friends, let alone, best friends. We’ve had some serious battles lately and they’ve tested My limits, integrity, and mental illness. I think we’ll be okay but I tell you, he triggers Me. I know that My personality has changed dramatically over the term of our friendship, I constantly find Myself wondering what type person I was back then that we were able to get along.

It's been a little over a month since I moved into the Impact Hub to work. I can’t begin to describe how much My business and life have changed since I made the move. In one month, I’ve seen My visibility, authority and income increase because I have an “office”

I spent all of August falling for a guy, I met him the first week of July and since then, we’ve been seeing each other regularly and talking daily. I can’t get enough of him, after 2 years of being single the fact that I’m falling for a guy got Me tripping. We’re dating in a way I never have before. I told him day one that I had herpes and was legally crazy, he told Me he has 8 kids and was a former alcoholic deadbeat. Flaws and all, we’ve clung to each other and it feels so damn good.

August was a month of ups and downs, I learned a lot and the universe provided well for Me. I entered September with a great attitude and a spirit of gratitude. I’m looking forward to what this month will bring, more importantly, I’m hoping this month is slower but just as profitable lol is that bad? But serious, last month was so full of meetings, clients and stress that I can barely function this weekend and I try to recover.

It’s been a month since I stepped in the gym, I mean August was a beast. Thankfully, it’s September now and I can try to refocus and put Myself on a schedule.

Wish me luck


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