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Writing for His Sanity

Every now and then I search Google and other search engines to see where I and Stronger Than My Struggles may pop up. It’s not uncommon to find that someone has quoted Me or mentioned Stronger Than My Struggles in an article or social media post.


You can’t imagine My shock when My search turned up a blog where I and our weekly therapeutic writing workshop, Writing for My Sanity, were mentioned. One of the regular attendees has been posting the writing prompts and his thoughts nearly every time he attends. It was a beautiful experience to be able to go backwards through his posts and read and relive the live sessions.

I’ve been hosting Writing for My Sanity as a live weekly event in Baltimore since July 2017. Since April, due to Covid-19, I’ve been hosting it online. Ben recently joined us online and he’s taken right back up writing about us writing. I love it.


We have an active community of survivors using writing as a way of healing on Facebook at

If you’ve never had the opportunity to join us, you can join us by clicking HERE any Tuesday at 3 p.m. eastern

Check out Ben’s recent blog post at

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