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Myesha Collins: This Golden Girl will Never be Blue Again

Name: Myesha Monique Collins

Social Media Handle: #BlueGirlsTurnedGold. @BlueTurnedGold

STMS: What do you do for a living?

MC: I am the CEO of a non profit and host workshops in various communities throughout the country with the mission of empowerment. I am also a Corporate speaker, Experience Coach and Creative Strategist.

STMS: How does having mental or emotional disabilities affect your daily life?

MC: Often my memory fades me, I may lose a thought. When I am unable to sleep it’s a trigger affect for everything. Depression is probably the most hindering because it is seclusion and with my purpose and mission seclusion is not an option. This is hard to get through some days so I have to ensure I really take time for myself otherwise I’d fall apart LITERALLY!

STMS: What inspired you to take part in this event when so many in the Black community seek to stay in the shadows with their diagnosis?

MC: I am currently living and trusting my own process with understanding my diagnosis and how I can heal. I’ve seen what not healing has done to my family , friends, and community. I understand I will never be who I was before and I understand the power in letting go of what is not in my control and focusing on what is.

My mindset has shifted so I don’t view the diagnosis as a hindrance, although it very may be. I focus on all the ways I have created a version of me that thrives in spite of. I have been able to live through and process experiences that someone else may not feel they have the tools. I feel it’s my responsibility to speak up, if I want to see us healed as a people. It’s not something that has been addressed and those who suffer quietly are shamed versus helped. This event will allow the conversation. I want others to heal because I see and I have lived the damage of not healing, not sharing, and not living. I am no longer concerned or seeking validations for anyone or anything outside of myself and it’s my hope that others do the same.

STMS: What situations in life do you think led to you being emotionally unstable? Were you born with disabilities or did they develop due to trauma?

MC: Single-handedly not being in control of the safety of my body. That one experience where someone took from me, something that was only mine, was taken by force, no regard, no respect and there was nothing I could do about it. I am a water sign so I am emotional by default so this experience heightened those nerves and bridged connections in my mind that even almost 20 years later I take a active daily effort to continue to battle in so many ways.

STSM: What causes/organizations do you/your organization support?

MC: Blue Girls Turned Gold, E9 Essentials,From One Hand to Another, Gabrielle’s Place, Genius is Common, Get Your Goddess, H.E.R. Her Life's Design, Me Too, New Beginnings, Overlooked Creations, Stronger Than My Struggles, and Tell Someone to name a few, there are many more.

STMS: What current projects or events should people be watching for from you?

MC: May 12th Blue Girls Turned Gold is hosting a Paint and Dance into Empowerment fundraiser in Atlanta, GA at the Little Five Points Community Center.

May 18th Reclaiming My Time From the 9 to 5 Grind Anthology will be released, this therapeutic work was ignited and led by Melony Hill.

May 19th a honored guest and panelist at “Crazy Like A Fox" empowered by Melony Hill and Stronger Than My Struggles. We are discussing Mental Health and how we live with diagnoses,.stigmas, and still balance life.

Sunday May 20th I will be attending the Iheart Radio “Best of 7 Cities" Gala. I am nominated as “Best Activist. I am so geeked as we will be at the Attucks Theater, known as the Apollo of the south! This event is sponsored by 92.1 the Beat and 103Jamz, in the 7 city Virginia area.

I will be hosting fundraisers and workshops in New Orleans during Essence Festival July 5th thru July 8th to build awareness of Blue Girls Turned Gold and it’s mission of Women Empowerment!

I am apart of another Anthology ignited by Andrea A. Moore. From Grief to Grind will be released August 20th.

Live events in Texas will be held sometime in October! Blue Girl Turned Gold Vol. 2 is in works and will be released 2019, I am looking for new authors that are in alignment. Blue Girl Turned Gold Vol 1 is available on Amazon!

STMS: What would you consider your biggest accomplishment in the last year?

MC: Letting go! Outside Validations, relationships, people, the old me....letting go is definitely the biggest accomplishment.

STMS: What are your goals for the remainder of 2018? To be present in ALL I do. I have fundraisers, events, books and networking I have slated for the remainder of 2018 because it’s a set up for my 2019!

MC: Where can people keep up with you online? I am on Facebook Blue Girl Turned Gold and Instagram #BlueGirlsTurnedGold and also can be reached at

Hear Myesha speak live at Crazy Like a Fox on May 19th. Tickets available at

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