I've been a writer longer than I can remember, I may have been born with a pen in My hand. I grew up in the 80's and 90's; People were still predominately worker bees and slaves to the idea of the of the American Dream. The internet was a new concept, not the dominating force it is now.

I grew up with a mother who never worked a day in her life. She was extremely talented; a singer and writer who longed to model with very few options. I vowed I wouldn't be like My mom. I swore that I would become famous, I'd be a writer and I'd make My mark on the world.

Life had other plans for Me. I became a mother at the age of 19 and like most, joined the work force. I worked a series of administrative jobs from the city jail to public high schools, eventually landing up in a medical training school. I was a good worker bee, ignoring My dreams of becoming a professional writer. Daily I went in, giving My job My all, happy to be on salary and collecting My benefits.


I was miserable, I hated life and the time I was devoting to My job. I didn't realize that My misery stemmed from stifling My dreams. In 2006, My job went out of business suddenly. I was unemployed and lost, turns out, losing My job was the best thing that could ever happen to Me. 


I've been self-employed since 2006. What I thought was meant to destroy Me, was truly meant to build Me up and set Me free. I've never looked back. It hasn't been an easy journey, it had more twists and turns than a Stephen King novel, in fact. 

The other women who share their stories inside this anthology, understand what it feels like to give your all to a job, or life, that wasn't meant for them. Together, we hope to encourage another woman to understand her journey may look nothing like she expects, or that of other women she knows. 


Reclaiming My Time from the 9-5 Grind is now available on Amazon in print and digital format. You can also purchase a print copy via our online store