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We Made Art With Our Heart

One of the goals we had for ourselves as an organization this year was to get more physically involved with other local mental health organizations.

We've been excited to be able to participate in diverse projects that cultivate safe spaces to have hard conversations. A recent opportunity we had was for our Founder, Coach Mel, to join the NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore volunteers in a group art project.

Molding clay into shapes and designs was therapeutic in itself but knowing that it will be added to a collective art piece to inspire others is the real reward. We Can't wait until the whole art project is finished and unveiled.

We also had a chance to check out Art With a Heart for the first time and WOW that place is amazing. It was full of completed and newly started art projects of all types. We were inspired just being in the space and started thinking of all kinds of art projects we could do outside of the studio and looking at reasons to come back.

If you're in the Baltimore area, we definitely recommend checking them out. Visit them online at


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