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Survivors Who Thrive: Dr. Latarsha Holden

As we start the new year, we'd like to take the opportunity to highlight and celebrate survivors throughout our global community. Today, we'd like to introduce you to Dr. Latarsha Holden.

A Little About Dr. Holden

During her time of being homeless she taught her children at their lowest moment how to serve others and what leadership really is and for her it’s about servant leadership. With the little that she had she organized several events in the community to show love and compassion to others. From her actions her six children are leaders serving in the military, college students, authors and in the medical field. Recently, she went viral on LinkedIn after sharing her story and receiving over half a million views and having people contact her from around the world. As a Motivational Speaker Dr. Holden is a Phoenix who has risen from the ashes and she is now inspiring, motivating and encouraging others to change the narrative for their lives. She’s been featured in several magazines and heard on countless radio broadcasts.

In Her Own Words

I went from being homeless with six children in the streets of Atlanta to a Political candidate in the "2017" election, from a GED to a Doctorate degree in Leadership Studies and became a 12x published author. I’m now a Motivational Speaker, encouraging, motivating and inspiring others to change the narrative for their lives. Recently I’m named Georgia Mother of the Year 2020!

We salute you Dr. Holden! Are you a survivor who thrives? We want to share your story also. Submit your story here.


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