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New Year Phenomenal Me With These Simple Life Changes

It's a New Year, the Old Me Won't Do

Here we are, a week into 2021 and if you are anything like Myself, and millions of others in the world, you have been trying to tell yourself, new year, new you, new goals, new money moves.

I have been repeating “new year, phenomenal Me” in My head like a broken record. A “New Me” just will not do in 2021 for Me. I am focused this year on being nothing but the most phenomenal version of Myself that I can be.

It will not be easy, it will require Me to put My foot down with not only others in My life, but with Myself as well. Just as there are behaviors and attitudes that I will not accept from people wishing to hold space in My life, there must be attitudes and behaviors that I can no longer accept from Myself.

I Deserve Better Than What I Allowed Last Year

This year above all else, I must tackle My nature to procrastinate like it was a thief running away with My riches, because it is. Procrastination leads to loss time, money, and opportunity. I deserve better from Myself.

Along with My unhealthy relationship with procrastination, I must confront My attitude towards being held accountable. I spend a lot of money and energy on things that I say I want and care about just to lose momentum and lay them aside. I am also guilty of doing the bare minimum and coasting on the waves I make. The reality is, I always know that I am performing below My capabilities, but onlookers cannot tell. It looks like I am doing much more than I ever am.

I avoid My accountability groups and partners, which also keeps Me isolated when I could be talking to and working alongside people who understand My passion and are also building a bigger brighter future for themselves. The self-isolation I have imposed on Myself does not benefit Me.

Here's How I'm Reclaiming My Life

Determined to be My most phenomenal self in 2021, I have started the new year differently that I ended it for sure. Some of the things that I have implemented to bring peace and balance to My life are:

Creating a Detailed Morning Routine

I have written down the steps to My morning routine. I have a check list now that I can look at to see if I skipped anything. It may seem a bit much, but with My mental illness, it helps a lot. The days that I do My yoga in the morning are clearly outlined so that I do not forget or hold Myself to the “3 days a week” mindset I had where I could just keep pushing it off to the next day. Now it is on My Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning schedules.

Limiting Social Media in the Morning

It is easy to get distracted in the mornings, especially if we have others in our home we must get up and ready in the mornings or have the nasty habit of jumping on social media before we have a chance to really start our day.