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Megan Thee Stallion Releases Mental Health Resources Website For the Hotties

I became a fan of Megan Thee Stallion after she paired up with Cardi B for WAP. Over the past two years, My reason for being a fan has switched largely from My love of her music to rooting for her as a survivor. Since WAP was released, I’ve watched this young lady overcome battle after battle; losing both her mother and grandmother, fighting with her management, being shot, losing her best friend for affiliating with said shooter, while graduating collection, launching a non-profit and winning award after award.

On her latest album release, Traumazine, Meg really gave us deep insight into how she has been affected mentally and emotionally was affected by everything that has went on in the past few years. She talks about trying to find somewhere to belong after losing her mom and grandmother, how hard it’s been to collect win after win and still feel empty and wanting to seek mental health help but fearing she wouldn’t be taken seriously. Th album has been on rotation non-stop here.

Last week, following the success of Traumazine and the conversations around mental health it sparked, Thee Stallion released what I feel is her best project thus far, Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too, a mental health resource website The site has a focus on Black mental health resources also, which is hot, but what can you expect from the hottie?

Check out the site today


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