I Was Seeking Validation, Now I'm Just Seeking Peace.

I gave My all and was left feeling unfulfilled. Now I wonder if I did it for the right reasons.

Earlier this year I wrote and article for a magazine talking about the difference between clout chasing and doing things for the impact. When I wrote it, I don’t think I thought I was talking to Myself but as the months pass by, I think I am. While in Mexico for My birthday, I found Myself truly questioning My own motives for many of My actions in the past year, especially the last six months.

I’ve done quite a lot because I could.

I’ve done too much because I was bored with nothing else to do.

I’ve done things I shouldn’t because I didn’t want to do things alone.

I did things for attention.

There are things I’ve done because I wanted to, and they mattered but I’d be a liar if I said the other reasons weren’t just as prevalent as My good intentions.

Some of My struggle I know comes from battle My with Dissociative Identity Disorder