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I've Been So Blah Today, It Finally Hit Me, Between Bill Cosby & the Kavanaugh Hearings, I&#

I challenge you to ask yourself, Are you participating in the re-victimization of sexual assault victims via social media?

I didn't want to get out of bed today, I was miserable putting on a "happy" face to attend the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit today. I've been deep in My own thoughts and needing to be held with no clue why I felt so broken. Then, I realized what it was; I couldn't find a safe space to breathe, think, grieve for Myself and My lost innocence.

In the wake of Cosby's sentencing and Kavanaugh's trial and all that came along with it n social media, I was being triggered on a massive level and watching others around Me go through the same, or worse.

As Cosby was prepared to head back to court for sentencing, I was preparing to speak to a group of women as I received an award for My sexual assault advocacy work in Washington, DC this past Saturday. Standing in a room full of strangers I shared pieces of My story, including being molested for years by My mother’s best friend for years, My mom standing by him and ignoring my pain. I told them how I was raped by My ex and My foray into the adult entertainment industry because of years of sexual abuse, abandonment and mental, emotional and physical domestic violence in the home. All of this led Me to releasing My books, launching Stronger Than My Struggles and working with women to change their future despite their pasts.

Let Me share with you what having My pain and violation ignored taught Me at a young age……

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