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Rynette Upson-Bush Knows What it's Like to Take a Faith Walk towards Destiny.

Name -Rynette Upson

Hometown - Orlando, FL

Occupation - Business Owner

Rynette Upson-Bush is the founder and CEO of Next Level Lifestyles International and Next Level Chicks. Her passion and adoration for helping people has moved her to chase her life’s calling to motivate, educate and empower people to walk in their purpose and reach their personal and professional best. Rynette has helped hundreds of youth and women tap into their purpose and calling through her gifts of motivation and empowerment. She is a certifed educator and worked for the school system and as an adjunct professor for years. In 2013 she took a huge leap of faith and left her secure career to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She opened a Preschool, Academy of Learning and consulting business with her sister. In just fourteen months the school was a million dollar business and an accredited learning institution with a stellar reputation that earned several awards and accolades.. This power house speaker is also an empowerment and motivation mentor and seminar facilitator. She co-authored the fictional book Teacher of the Year” and is the author of the “Spark Your Life Spark Your Vision Journal.” Rynette is touching lives and affectionately known as the Queen of Push on Purpose. She is definitely making her mark on the world.

STMS: What drew you to the Reclaiming My Time from the 9-5 Grind Anthology?

Rynette: I love collaborations especially when women who are going to the next level can get together and empower one. As WEB Dubois said each one reach one.

STMS: Have you previously published a book? If so, please tell us about your published works.

Rynette: Teacher of the Year is a fictional book written by me and three other educators. I will have my own book published this year.

STMS: What led you to taking the leap into self-employment?

Rynette: I could longer wanted to be a part of the rat race. I was never made to into the box and be common. I knew I had a bigger purpose and always dreamed of owning my own business and changing lives. How long has you been working for yourself? Around 5 years.

STMS: The purpose of this anthology is to inspire other women to take the leap into self- employment by sharing our own journey. Each woman’s journey will look totally different. What would your advice be to a woman who feels her past is a hinderance to her future greatness?

Rynette: You don’t live there anymore. Don’t stay stuck. The past was for a purpose and you won’t find the purpose until you push past the pain and struggles of the past. You must push on purpose to your God given assignment.

STMS: Tell us about your company and what you do for a living.

Rynette: I’m a motivation mentor and purpose pusher that empowers people to move to their NEXT LEVEL on purpose for the purpose of walking in their purpose and destiny so they can live a successful life they love personally and professionally. I’m a certified educator, motivational speaker and emcee and conference facilitator. I am the co-owner of a preschool, academy and consulting firm. I also am the CEO and founder of Next Level Chicks an empowerment community that pushes women to their next level of success.

STMS: Were your friends and family supportive of your decision to leave the safety of your full-time employment to start your own business?

Rynette: There were mixed emotions with family and friends. Many family members and friends were supportive but the ones who weren’t really surprised me. Some of the ones I was closest to didn’t believe in me and my dream. If not, how did you handle their lack of support? It was hurtful but it definitely did stop my plans. I just knew I couldn’t feed into any negativity and moved away from those that brought about negative energy.

STMS: What do you think is the most important lesson you’ve learned business-wise in the last year?

Rynette: Don’t allow overwhelm. Hire help when you get to that point and it needs to be qualified, experienced help so you don’t find yourself going backwards. Many times that means that you can’t hire family and friends. . How did it change your perspective from last year? It opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, relieved stress, and increased revenue.

STMS: What are your top goals for the remainder of the year?

Rynette: My top goals are to complete my book, complete the build out for my school, increase membership and expand my consulting business.

STMS: Where can people follow you online?



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