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Myesha Monique Collins Takes us from Profit to Passion as this Blue Girl Turned Gold.

Name Myesha Monique Collins

Hometown Los Angeles, CA

Current Location Chesapeake, VA

Occupation: Author, Speaker, Non-Profit Founder, Experience Coach and Creative Strategist

Myesha Monique Collins is a native of Los Angeles, California, raised in Pomona, CA., currently residing in Chesapeake, VA with her three sons. Myesha is an Ordained Minister, Service Connected Disabled Veteran, Author, Speaker, Creative Strategist and Motivational Experience Coach. with a background in Administration, Sociology, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Continuous Quality Improvement, Management, Leadership, and Training.

Myesha’s first book of poetry and short stories, entitled Poetration, was self-published in 2006 and is available through Amazon. In 2017, Myesha spearheaded an anthology, Blue Girl Turned Gold, inspired by Myesha’s non-profit organization, Blue Girls Turned Gold. Blue Girls Turned Gold is a national organization whose mission is to empower women. Blue Girls Turned Gold currently host 6 Creative valuable workshops to empower!

Myesha prides herself on her ability to use her intuition and experience to find creative strategies to turn women from BLUE (not knowing how great they are) to GOLD (knowing how great they are). Myesha has been interviewed by Exposure Magazine, Indiana Tuggle, and Goodwill Good works to discuss her current and future works and projects. Myesha has 2 additional therapeutic works being published this year, Reclaiming My Time from the 9-5 Grind released May 2018 and From Grief to Grind ignited by Andrea A. Moore set to be released August 2018.

Myesha recently joined the “Genius is Common Movement,” founded by Bruce George, visionary creator of Def Poetry Jam after seeing how much the movement was in alignment with her purpose and mission. She lives the Genius is Common movement daily using her creativity and pushing those to see the GENIUS within.

Myesha has a connection to intuition and spirituality and loves helping people see their greatness within. She is a firm believer that people of all ages need help, and enjoys passing on her own experiences and knowledge that will help with whatever they are going through, and come out of it stronger than ever. She is a firm believer that ‘Experience shape who you are, but they do not dictate who you become”.

STMS: What drew you to the Reclaiming My Time from the 9-5 Grind Anthology?

Myesha: Literally living as an Entrepreneur for the very first time and resetting my goals for myself, this book was a awesome fit. After working for others and feeling drained, stuck, underappreciated, and unable to influence others as I wished, I was sitting in the crossroads. Working since the age of 14 and seeing the impact and happiness I was missing, lead me to this project. I was in transition and finally releasing the Corporate rings from around my creative spirit. Releasing the need to feel validations from holding positions from 9 to 5. I felt it was a perfect time for me to share, hopefully helping push the next to Purpose over Profit, the ability to reclaim not just their time but their spirit and genius collectively. When the book offer was available it was right on time and in Alignment as I was currently living as a new entrepreneur.

STMS: Have you previously published a book? If so, please tell us about your published works. If not, will you be publishing more books within 2018?

Myesha: Actually I have 2 books currently published. Poetration published in 2006 was my first work. I started that work at 14 and for my 26th birthday I published the book for me! Poetry was my first love and I looked at that book as me expressing the way life had penetrated my soul, but in poetry and short story form.

In 2017 I lead a book anthology that piggy backed off my Non Profit Organization Blue Girls Turned Gold. Inviting others to share their journey from Blue to Gold, Blue (unknowing) to Gold (knowing) how great they are. Some of the works included are from already published authors and for others this was their first time writing...even more important, their first time talking and sharing their experience. Sharing is the most powerful part of it all. My belief is we share as we heal, in healing others we heal and help ourselves! Besides Reclaiming my Time from the 9 to 5 grind, I am also apart of another great Anthology From Grief to Grind which talks about my experiences of living through grief, adjusting my emotional and spiritual outlook and grinding through it all in and with intent and great purpose. This project is due to release August 2018.

STMS: What led you to taking the leap into self-employment? How long has you been working for yourself?

Myesha: My purpose forced me into self-employment. A little over 18 months ago I relocated from Georgia to Virginia for an awesome opportunity that came from someone who was a previous employer of mine. It came with a contract that I could not say no to. It included the perfect transition of my management and leadership skills, top salary, 3 weeks vacation and several bonus agreements from different entities under the umbrella. Retirement set, savings set, goals set...but it wasn't. I became part of a toxic work environment that pushed me into mental, emotional, and physical illness.

My PTSD started resurfacing and the more I tried to push through the more the enviornment started to take a toll on me. Blood pressure became uncontrolled, I was told I could have a stroke, I wasn't sleeping, I was short and detached at home, I was beyond miserable and in and out of the doctors office. I moved my whole life and I was changing into something I never agreed to be. While I resigned due to my illnesses and stress due to the work environment I opted to work until my 2 year mark (June 2018), which was 7 months out. This would give me time to plan my move back to GA, save money, hire and train the new manager for the 3 companies, but instead I was told I would be terminated December 31, 2017. No conversations, no warning, no severance, no moving expenses, no bonus, and paid incorrectly on my last check...yup switched from salary to hourly, which caused a financial hardship for me and my son. I worked almost 300 hours in overtime (recorded), had 30 plus hours of vacation left...and given nothing.

It was hard losing something I thought was more valuable than even myself at the time, but soon I realized this is what I prayed for...all the stress was being removed from me, January 1, 2018 I started making moves for my Purpose that God created me regrets since! 3 months in and I have accomplished so much, honored and humbled by the experience I am living.

STMS: The purpose of this anthology is to inspire other women to take the leap into self- employment by sharing our own journey. Each woman’s journey will look totally different. What would your advice be to a woman who feels her past is a hindrance to her future greatness?

Myesha: What I learned is the only perfect time is NOW! With every no I received, I received a yes or two or three! Walk in your purpose...also follow your intuition and the universe will provide a path that will be only for you. Ask questions, get mentors, coaches, share your wisdom with those that need it and are in alignment with what you want to do. You gotta do the work and trust not judge your process. All paths may lead to greatness but all paths aren't paved the same! You are not one second of your past but ARE the very next second, move in change and growth, ain't shit for you to see in the rearview.

STMS: Tell us about your company and what you do for a living.

Myesha: I am the founder of a non profit organization and we empower everyone although our main mission is the empowerment of women. We host free and paid workshops that provide life value. Our current workshops are Genius is Common, P.I.E. Performance, Image, and Exposure, Effective Communication, Planting Seeds of Greatness, Affirmations / Paradigm Shift, Self Esteem and Empowerment.

As an Experience Coach I offer Life and Business Coaching. I use Creative Strategies to assist clients in transition, refocus, and creation for these important Life Experiences.

As a Corporate and Educational Speaker I focus on workshops that provide Life and Business value. P.I.E., Paradigm Shift and Effective Communication are my areas of focus currently. Once people understand the value is in their employees, they allow them resources such as these. These resources make the employee feel valued and in turn creates a valuable employee. Valuable employees push companies forward!

STMS: Were your friends and family supportive of your decision to leave the safety of your full-time employment to start your own business? If not, how did you handle their lack of support?

Myesha: I typically am supported by friends and family. Friends are easy, as I only have a few (laughing). Due to the circumstances the support wasn't my concern as I was forced out on short notice, my concern was my accountability and responsibilities to me and my son. I come from a large family, I have 9 direct siblings and they were all supportive, ensuring I know they have my back, they always have, so that support structure further frees me as I am a leader of my family, being the eldest. We believe if you make it, we make it...we really are our DAY 1’s!

What do you think is the most important lesson you’ve learned business-wise in the last year? How did it change your perspective from last year?

Shifting my mindset from employee to entrepreneurship. I never again have to sell my integrity for anything, I don't agree, I speak up with no fear of repercussions. This is MY business and I choose to lead and influence as I wish. My perspective has changed greatly, before I was called boss but had no authority, now I am a boss, boss of self with all the authority!

STMS: What are your top goals for the remainder of the year?

Myesha: The 3 top goals I have for this year for myself

-Get fully in alignment with partners, get organized, book speaking engagements, host paid worshops in 2018.

-My original goal for 2018 was to make 7,777 people aware of Blue Girls Turned Gold and it's mission. I've surpassed my goal is to add another 7,777 before the end of the year. I will utilize media such as radio, podcasts and television for this!

-Secure 2019 Coaching clients, Speaking Engagements for Corporate and Educational areas.

STMS: Where can people follow you online?

Twitter: @BlueTurnedGold



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