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Mental Health Awareness Bracelets by Aliedrius Jewelry to benefit Crazy Like a Fox

When I decide to hold events, they always come from the heart and in support of a cause that has affected My life significantly. For Mental Health Awareness Month, I have decided to hold a Black Mental Health Awareness Discussion Panel. Crazy Like a Fox on May 19, 2018, will feature six women panelist who have battled or worked with those who suffer mental and emotional instabilities.

While I can admit, I have been saddened by the low interest from Black owned companies as I try to open dialogue around mental and emotional illness in the Black community, I am extremely overwhelmed by the support of one company. Aliedrius Jewelry is not even located in the Baltimore area, but they have been so supportive of our mission to heal through the written and spoken word.

Not only has the owner provided gifts for our panelists and is traveling to Baltimore to attend and vend, but she also went above and beyond in an effort to support this initiative.

Aliedrius Jewelry has created custom Mental Health Awareness bracelets to benefit our event. 100% of the proceeds from all of the Green Gem Mental Health Awareness bracelets purchased will come directly to Stronger Than My Struggles.

I've never had such support. Thank you Aliedrius Jewelry!

Join is for Crazy like a Fox on May 19th RSVP HERE

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