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Stronger Than My Struggles has Joined the Genius is Common Movement

Genius is Common

15 Years ago, I walked around at all times with 2 of My spoken word pieces memorized. I kept those pieces of the tip of My tongue for at least five years. At that time in My life, I was regularly attending and performing at local open mic nights and was sure that I would be a writer professionally one day. I told Myself that all I needed was get in front of the right person, kind of what I say today.

The weird thing is, I didn't even know who the right person was. In My head, I had to get in front of Russell Simmons. I walked around memorizing these poems that would make Simmons take notice of Me. Never did it dawn on Me that Simmons was the name behind the company but someone else had actually created Def Poetry Jame, Meccas for urban poets.

I spent years so sure that if only, I could get in front of the creator of Def Poetry Jam, it would be a life changing experience.Turns out, it is.

Fast forward 15 years later, I write poetry here and there but I am no longer a poet. I barely write spoken word, let alone aspire to perform in regularly; these days, I'd prefer to write a speech. I am a multiple times published author and journalist and this month, I have partnered with the man who I knew, would one day, change My life, the creator of Def Poetry Jam, Bruce George.

How ironic is it, that when we finally connect, he is no longer focused on poetry and neither am I. Today, we both share a similar focus and passion, one that allowed us to connect and partner up to bring more awareness to the very things I've tried to point out, that each one of us has something special and unique to add to the world because Genius is Common.

The Genius is Common Movement was created by Def Poetry Jam creator, Bruce George to highlight the every day genius in us all. When talking to Bruce, one of the first things he tends to ask people is "what's your genius?", he expects and answer, praying that you know your inner self enough to have an answer. I told him My "genius" is slaying obstacles like they were nothing because I am a survivor, I get through shit no matter what.

Now that I'm a partner in the Genius is Common Movement as well as Mr George's personal booking agent, you will see Me talking about the movement a lot more. I'll be sharing photos, videos and soon, you'll see Me selling the Genius is Common t-shirts here on the website. I am so excited to partner with someone who, like Me, loves to highlight the beauty in the world and the light that lives inside each of us.

This movement has been endorsed by celebrities and global communities alike. Interested in joining the Genius is Common Movement? Want your own Genius is Common video? Email Me to get started.Would you like to bring Bruce George to your community to present the Genius is Common Movement himself? SEND EMAIL.

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