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Emerging From the Shadows: HIV Won't Get the Best of this Single Mother.

Age 32

Hometown Maryland

Current Location Maryland

Our anonymous contributor is a single but engaged mom with one teenage son. "I live life being a mother, daughter, friend ...but being me is the best! I love everyone and I always have a smile on my face", is how she describes herself. Her hobbies are going to the gym and modeling and she loves volunteering and helping others.

STMS: What drew you to the Strength of a Woman book project?

Anonymous: I believe people need to know that living with HIV isn't the end of the world, nor is it a death sentence.

STMS: Have you ever shared your story publicly before? If not, what inspired you to share it now? If so, what originally encouraged you to speak out?

Anonymous: Never ever! I decided to share my story now because I didn't have to identify myself.

STMS: What type work do you do? Does your work relate to your past struggle?

Anonymous: I just recently started a new job, it isn't related to my life with HIV, but I wish I had a job that I could help people.

STMS: What lesson do you hope readers will take away from your story?

Anonymous: I hope that readers walk away understanding that they should always be upfront with people they love and that they aren't never truly alone.

STMS: At one point in life, you must have felt like a statistic, what is it like now, knowing you’ve lived through what you thought was the worst experience of your life?

Anonymous: In some ways, it's like it never happened because other than my health regimen, I like my life just like everyone else.

STMS: Do you volunteer or work with any mission based organizations?

Anonymous: Yes, I started to volunteer sporadically but wish I could find some more volunteer opportunities.

STMS: Do you have any other books or projects in the works right now? Tell us about them.

Anonymous: No this is my first book ever but I'm praying later in my life I could be able to share my story more in-depth.

STMS: What was it like working with Stronger Than My Struggles to publish your story?

Anonymous: It was extremely hard to share my story. Writing had me in tears the whole time I was writing.

STMS: What’s next for you? You’ve shared your story, now what will you do?

Anonymous: Set goals to try to better my life and hopefully get back to where I was before finding out everything. Five years later, I'm still at home with my parents. i want my independence back.

STMS: Where can people learn more about you or follow you online?

Anonymous: I'd prefer to stay anonymous, however, if anyone wants or needs to reach me, you can through Stronger Than My Struggles and they will forward the messages to me.

The Strength of a Woman is now available for pre-order in print and digital formats. Grab your copy here.

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