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I Have Such a Busy September Ahead of Me.

I have a ton of events coming up and it's going to be a busy September I tell you. Luckily, I'm not working on any big projects. After publishing Reflections of a Survivor, I had so much on My plate for August that I could barely function. By the end of the month, I was just glad I could stand up. I really over did it.

I called Myself doing less this month but I don't know if I really did. While I don't have any big projects on My plate, I do have a ton of event to attend. Though I lost My wallet this afternoon, I've already purchased ticket to and will be attending a fundraiser breakfast for 50 Shades of Blue, the domestic violence event I'm speaking at in October.

Lord knows, I have very little interest in breakfast food but it's for a good cause. Arlene Major, the founder of 50 Shades of Blue,is also a co -author in Reflections of a Survivor.

The next day I am being interviewed by the Local Color podcast, a Baltimore based podcast featuring local influencers of color.

Every Tuesday, I host a free weekly therapeutic writing workshop. I will not be the actual facilitator of the workshop for the rest of the most however. We have Grace Givens from Poets for Dinner and Dionne Halsey of Thursday Night Realness,alternating the remainder of September. It's going to be awesome.

Last Months budget book publishing workshop was such a success that I'm going to do it again twice this month. here were so many who complained that it was on a work day, so not only are we doing it on a weekday evening but I'm running it back on a Saturday. Grab a seat and I'll see you there. September 14th September 30th

September 23rd I have a radio interview on The Exchange Radio

On September 24th, I will be attending Poets for Dinner as I do monthly. This month, instead of the usual free food and show, they're having a benefit concert. Tickets are $10 in advance and $20 at the door. Not only will I be attending Poets for Dinner, but I'll also be vending there. It will be My first vending experience in Baltimore and I'm not looking forward. I truly enjoy just being there and I HATE selling things.

September 28th I will be facilitating a Lunch and Learn session teaching how to generate multiple streams of income from your writing. The "Write to Earn" session will be hosted by the Impact Hub at 12 noon. Not only will we have the free lunch and learn session, but working from the Impact Hub will be free that day. If you've wanted to check the place out, join us September 28th.

Later that evening, I will be facilitating another workshop, At Your Fingertips, Free & Cheap Online Business Tools & Resources. I invite you all to attend.

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