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I'm So Excited About the Reflections of a Survivor Book Project.

When I started Stronger then My Struggles a few months ago, I had no idea where it would lead. I truly had no idea how I would serve My purpose. I just knew it was time to give My voice a home, to build a place to connect with others and feel comfortable not being so sexy. What I have accomplished in the name of survivor awareness and showing tenacity in the face of adversity in such a short time, stuns Me.

Reflections of a Survivor is the first in a long line of project, books and workshops that I hope to lead and write to help spread the conversation about mental illness, chronic pain and the battles survivors face mentally and emotionally.

I started this project as a way to share My own stories and found Myself connecting to more and more people who had stories of adversity to share. I was overwhelmed by their stories. I felt compelled to open the book up for submissions. I'm glad I did. Thus far I've had 5 other essays added to the project to go with 10 of My own. I'm hoping to add more.

Just a sample of the stories in the book

Submissions are open for all survivors and people who have thrived through adversity. Men and women alike are welcome to submit.

For detailed information please see the photo above or CLICK HERE.

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