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Survivors Who Thrive: Latarsha Haughton

We are constantly amazed by the strength and tenacity of some of the members of our global community. So many of you have picked yourselves up, rebuilt and reclaim your lives when others in your same circumstances, would have folded. Today, we're excited to introduce you to Latarsha Haughton.

More About Latarsha

Latarsha is the co-founder of Breaking the Silence...Healing the Pain, a nonprofit organization bringing awareness to sexual abuse, domestic violence and emotional abuse. She is also a motivational speaker, life coach with biblical principles and ows an assisted living facility in Baltimore, MD.

In Her Own Words

I’ve forgiven my father and took back my power. God turned my pain into purpose. I’m now helping women to overcome their trauma.

We salute Latarsha! Are you a survivor who thrives? We'd love to celebrate you as well. Submit your story at


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