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Survivors Who Thrive: La' Toya Spann

We are constantly amazed by the strength and tenacity of some of the members of our global community. So many of you have picked yourselves up, rebuilt and reclaimed your lives when others in your same circumstances, would have folded. Today, we're excited to introduce you to La' Toya Spann.

More about La' Toya

La’Toya Spann is originally from Leary, GA but she resides in Leesburg, GA. She is the mother of 2; son Aaron and daughter Alicia. She is an entrepreneur. She is the owner of LaChole’s Boutique. Event planner of La’Toya Spann Empire. She is the founder of the nonprofit iSurvived. She is an advocate for child sexual abuse.

She’s a graduate of Georgia Southwestern University in which she received her master’s degree in Business Management. She is a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children) in Dougherty County.

Why She's a Survivor Who Thrives

She is passionate in bringing awareness of child sexual abuse. She uses her social media platform iSurvived to encourage others. La’Toya also provides encouragement using her inspirational t-shirts and Survivor journal. Her hobbies are reading, writing, nature walks, and spending time with her family. Her goal in life is to empower young girls and women in her community.

In Her Own Words

Child Sexual Abuse is a topic no one wants to discuss and I discuss it without hesitation. I use my past, my pain, and my healing journey voice to bring awareness in the African American Community against child sexual abuse.

Connect with her online at

We Salute La' Toya!! Are you a survivor who thrives? We want to celebrate you also. Submit your story here


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