Start 2020 with Purpose & Passion. Rediscover You & Reclaim Your Life with Coach Melony. Reg

When I started My coaching business in October 2017 I had no clue of the impact I would have on My clients and their lives. I knew I could help them push past their limitations, but I couldn't fathom the depth of change My programs would create in the lives of it's participants.

I started coaching after a challenge from one of My book publishing workshop attendees, a college professor who felt that she needed My direct one on one help to get to her next level.

Once I announced that I was going into coaching, I had so many women coming to Me to ask about life transition. Seeing how in less than 2 years, I had taken My sex symbol image and flipped it to healer, advocate and life coach and many wanted to push past the stigma, trauma and shame associated with their pasts to be the women they knew they were meant to be.