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Ciara Lovelace Presses Forth in the Face of Adversity, Showcasing the Strength of a Woman.

Name: Ciara Lovelace

Age: 31

Hometown: Oakland California

Current Location: El Cerrito California

STMS: What drew you to the Strength of a Woman book project?

Ciaraa: Well, I’ve worked with Melony Hill on a previous project entitled “Reflections of a survivor” and I know that whatever she is involved with turns to gold. It is a blessing to get a chance to share my story yet another time. I am sure that The Strength of a Woman will also be a blessing to others just as it was for me.

STMS: Have you ever shared your story publicly before? If not, what inspired you to share it now? If so, what originally encouraged you to speak out?

Ciara: Yes, I’ve shared my story before and my reason for doing so is because I am aware that people other than myself have gone through life changing events; and the issue at hand may be difficult to deal with; but I just wanted to let them know that this too shall pass.

STMS: What type of work do you do? Does your work relate to your past struggle?

Ciara: I am a writer, publicly speaker, actress, motivational speaker, and poet. Yes, my work does pertain to my past struggles in more ways than one. I had to learn a way to cope in a healthy form and fashion. Writing is now and has always been my vice; it has helped me make it through many dark days and I plan to keep it up. I don’t plan to go back to where I once was. The darkness is real and I don’t want to ever experience that again.

STMS: What lesson do you hope readers will take away from your story?

Ciara: I mainly want the readers to understand that they are not alone and I see them. This world is cold as hell and it’s very difficult to find someone that genuinely cares. My reason for writing this story is simple. It is to address those people that have felt left behind, it is to reach those that cannot find a way out, and I’m speaking to those that want to better their situation. I am living proof that it can be done; it does take work to get to the other side, but it is possible.

STMS: Do you have any other books or projects in the works right now? Tell us about them.

Ciara: I was a part of the Stronger Than My Struggles anthology, “Reflections of a Survivor.” I am working with three different groups, helping to write scripts as well as playing a part in the acting process. I am also working on about three other book projects at the moment. I am working to put together a collection of poetry, I have started to write a children’s book, and I’m working on a novel too, so I’ve been very busy.

STMS: What was it like working with Stronger than My Struggles to publish your story?

Ciara: I am very excited I decided to work with “Stronger than my Struggles” yet another time because I have gained a new confidence about myself knowing the type of support that is behind me. The women that helped put this project together and provided a platform for me to tell my story is truly a God send. I’ve always had a lot to say and had ideas to express myself, but did not think I could until I forced myself to do so. Stronger than my Struggles has helped me find my voice; at this point I am ready to go deeper and I’m no longer afraid to tell my truth like I once was. I really cared about what people thought and that stopped me from reaching my full potential. While working with “Stronger Than My Struggles”, I've learned how to let go and let God. My obedience has changed my life for the better and at this point there’s no turning back.

STMS: What’s next for you? You’ve shared your story, now what will you do?

Ciara: As I said before, I will be going deeper. There is more in me, it’s time to divulge and help someone else heal. I will also like to be a motivational speaker, so I can help someone find their voice as I did mine. I will also like to be apart speaking events to further get my story out there. I’m ready to fully step into my purpose.

STMS: Where can people learn more about you or follow you online?

Ciara: At the moment I’ve got two social media sites. On Facebook I go by “Love Lace” and on Instagram I go by @_educatedblack_woman and I’m also working on a website, I’m hoping I will have it up and running soon.

The Strength of a Woman is now available for pre-order in print and digital formats. Grab your copy here.

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