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Seeking Sponsorship for Our 1st Annual Non-Fiction Author Panel Discussion.

Event Flier

Stronger Than My Struggles is so excited to bring this event and inspiring panel of authors and speakers to Baltimore. We would love to partner with other companies who share in our passion of highlighting individuals who have overcome adversity to inspire and motivate others.

On our panel we have

Tokashemia Grady-Carter, BSN, RN-BC, who resides in Houston, Texas.

She is the owner and founder of Girlrillus LLC; a small athleisure wear company created and centered around her daughters. Her athleisure wear inspires women to embrace their health and to promote wellness. Ms. Grady’s energetic and untiring accomplishments also includes the publication of Reaching Back which outlines her own story of a struggle and successful outcome of a physical illness that attempted to ravish her body and livelihood.

Lashawn "Suga Ray" Marston, a Queens native.

Lashawn has had to overcome great personal adversity (being shot, going to prison) and in 2007 made a conscious decision to remove himself from the destructive path he found himself on. He recently published Dear Usha: Messages to My First Born.

Melony Hill, Baltimore based entrepreneur and writer.

Melony Hill's writing has been featured in over multiple magazines, she is a columnist, author, blogger and freelance writer. In 2017, she has published 4 non-fiction books, her fifth, The Strength of a Woman will be released late December 2017.

Elona Washington, 4X Best-Selling Author.

Due to the success of her memoir, From Ivy League To Stripper Life, Elona founded Memoir Maven Publishing Company who’s mission is to publish true stories with impact that inspire readers to improve their lives.

Arlene R. Major aka Lady Blue, who was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As a domestic violence survivor, she found strength to share her story with others organized 50 Shades of Blue, an annual celebration of life for domestic violence survivors and victims. Lady Blue has contributed to multiple books over the last few years most recently Reflections of a Survivor. She currently has her own personal story that is set for release in the fall of 2017.

Our host for the event is Keisha Christian.

LaKeisha Christian is the founder of FREE, which stands for; Fearless, Releasing, Executing, Expecting. FREE is an organization built to empower victims of domestic abuse to break the chains that bind their souls, minds and personal lives through activating truth found in the Word of God.

Along with radio interviews, such as an appearance on Erica Campbell's Get Up! Mornings With Erica.

LaKeisha recently filmed her life story with CBN for “The 700 Club”.

LaKeisha is co-author of Wounds to Wisdom, a collection of stories from domestic violence survivors.

Are you a business owner whose company aligns with our mission?

Do you seek to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, writers,survivors or individuals as a whole?

We have put together a comprehensive sponsorship package that can accommodate businesses of all sizes. With us the mission is what's most important, and our mission is to spread the stories of those who have conquered over adversity to now lead full, active lives.

Take a look at our sponsorship package --->>> PDF

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