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We Laughed, We Cried, We Bossed Up & Manifested a Better 2020.

On Saturday December 7, 2019 I met with a small group of women in the Baltimore area for My Manifesting Reality workshop. It was a very powerful group, though it was a small one. When we think of manifesting reality, it can almost sound like magic or wishful thinking, but it isn't.

We manifest our reality by envisioning the life we want to live, setting a plan of action in place, defining our values and belief systems among other things. There's no magic involved, but there is deep inner work to do to gain the life changing results you seek.

Taking the time to delve into our why's, values, toxic habits & relationships as well as other factors that play into our daily lives, can help us reset and refocus to make the changes we need to create the life we desire and deserve.

Mrs. Richardson was one of our attendees, she really enjoyed herself and walked away with the tools needed to rest and refocus for 2020.

I'll be hosting this workshop again on January 25, 2020 and hope you'll join Me. We'll meet up again with wine, refreshments, and I'll be supplying all arts and craft supplies & worksheets. Bring a notebook to write in and join Me. Tickets are available at Manifesting Reality w Coach Melony Hill.


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