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5 Ways to Adjust to Change with Grace

The only thing to fear, is fear itself”- Franklin D. Roosevelt

While that quote rolls easily off the tongue, conveying it to the mind is another story totally. We’re human, we all have fears; one that many of us have in common, no matter how different we are, is change.

Change is scary, yet inevitable.

In fact, while many of us feel unprepared for change, the truth is, we’ve been conditioned to adapt to it throughout our lives. Our age changes, our height, our weight, our bodies mature and change, as we age, it changes again.

Change will happen whether we want or expect it to, it’s inevitable. Sometimes, the people around us aren’t ready to see us change anymore than we want to change. For instance, I remember being told that I was too young to be starting both My menstrual cycle as well as perimenopause, though both were happening. Both were unexpected changes that neither I, nor the people in My life had no control over.

Change is the nature of life. Like death and taxes, it can’t be avoided.

I’ve found Myself going through a series of unexpected changes in the past year; large, small, and in between. Some were more than necessary; some I’m still trying to grasp the meaning of.

I am not one who adapts to change well. It scares Me.

I admit that I’m hypervigilant, a lot of changes have been thrust upon Me that I have no choice since childhood. As an adult, I thought that I’d have more control over the things that happen to and around Me.

Life sure has taught Me differently. As Sam Cooke said, “A Change is gonna come.” There’s no stopping it.

So, when unexpected change comes, how do we adjust to it with grace?

  • It’s important to give yourself time to grieve the change. People forget that for many, a change equates to the loss of something, even if it’s just stability. Loss is scary. Give yourself time to grieve, it’s okay to feel sorrow when confronted with unexpected change.

  • Talk to your therapist, close friends, or someone that you trust. They might be able to bring a new perspective to your situation, offer to help you with the change or even just be a supporter as you go through your change.

  • Give yourself grace, you’re not going to know everything as you go into and adjust to the areas of your life that are changing. You may misunderstand some things, get some things wrong, keep going.

  • Ask for help. I know it isn’t easy. So many of us have been conditioned to be self-sufficient. However, there is nothing wrong with asking for help, especially when faced with something unfamiliar. Seek help from someone who has been through what you’re faced with, find a support group, perhaps, hire a coach or trainer.

  • Journal. Keep track of your journey through your change, see how your thoughts, actions and mindset has changed as you adapted and settled into it.

The only thing you can’t do is ignore it. Change will happen whether you acknowledge it or not. Using the tips above to prepare yourself for and get through unexpected changes will help make the transition a smoother one.

When confronted with unexpected change, how do you normally confront it?

What methods have you found that help you adjust to change with ease and grace?

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