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On Tuesday’s We Write! Join Us in Writing for Your Sanity

In 2017, when I launched Writing for My Sanity, a weekly, in person, therapeutic writing workshop, I was afraid no one would show up. In the beginning, it was slow; there were weeks when only one or two people showed up, eventually, I could expect 20 or more weekly. I had created and curated a safe space for people to have hard conversations with themselves, practice self-love and care and surround themselves with a support community.

When the pandemic started, I thought that was it for us, the community made it clear that they needed Me to figure out a way to continue it online. Reluctantly, I did. Within months, we had not only found our online footing, but had expanded into an international workshop. Weekly, we attracted participants from across the globe; soon I was seeing people come from The Netherlands, Canada, Nigeria, The UK and more.

We have not been able to return to live workshops yet, however, weekly we meet on zoom from 3-6 p.m. est. Each week we heal and party at the same time, there’s weekly writing prompts, music, community and camaraderie. We also have an active Facebook community, JOIN US!

It’s free to all who register via zoom in advance. Sign up and join us on Tuesdays by clicking


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