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Survivors Who Thrive: Samia Bianca

We have had the best time with these "Survivors Who Thrive" features. The survivors who have shared their stories with us have indeed overcome in many cases, insurmountable circumstances, to reclaim their lives.

Today, we're honored to introduce you to Samia Bianca.

More About Samia

Samia Bianca is a 23 year old motivational speaker from Northwest Indiana. Since 2016, she has been speaking at local events and using her voice on social media to push people PAST their potential. Aside from speaking, she's a brand ambassador, content creator, and actress who lives through art. Her goal is to continue to encourage and inspire others by always being transparent, proving to others that you can be both respected and honest about your shortcomings at the same time.

In Her Own Words

As a child , I grew up in a dysfunctional home where I operated from survival, not love. In 2017, my heart was broken into a million pieces after my very own father molested me and tried to turn the family against me. At the time he was my provider. Deciding I would no longer be in bondage, I made a run for it. Overnight, my dad turned from my protector to my worst enemy. I went from having no bills living comfortably to being practically homeless.
Dealing with the mental turmoil AND now financial turmoil, I gave my life to God. I got saved and made a choice to truly believe. It is with this faith that I was able to get a brand new car and apartment in the same year. I took my pain and turned it into power. Now, I am an advocate for sexual abuse survivors. Over the years, I watched myself struggle to pick up the pieces and piece them together to create who I am today. But today, I am better. My strength is renewing. Although I'm not where I want to be (YET) I am a million steps away from who I used to be.

We Salute Samia! Are you a survivor who thrives? We want to celebrate you also. Submit your story here


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