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Survivors Who Thrive: Afrikus Hart

As we start the new year, we are excited to take the time out to celebrate some of the survivors in our global community. Today, we'd like to introduce you to Afrikus Hart.

A Little About Afrikus

Afrikus Hart, LPN, CDNC is a substance abuse nurse in Baltimore, MD. She has over 11 years of experience in addictions and recovery services. Afrikus is a certified member of Maryland Association of Chemical Dependency Nurses. Her thirst for knowledge to better serve her clients has led her to become a certified instructor for: AHA CPR, First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Reiki, Acupuncture Detox Specialist and Y12SR Leader for yoga 12 step recovery. Afrikus currently have a series of resources and materials surrounding recovery and how wellness can aid in a successful recovery journey.

In Her Own Words

I feel like I am thriving in the face of adversity now because I sought help to heal. As a child I was molested which produced some challenges later for me as an adult because I did not have any type of therapy or counseling to assist me in sorting my feelings and emotions. Some of the challenges I faced were always being mistrustful of people, anxiety, overthinking and being controlling just to name a few. I also overcome my food addiction ;It affected me in my business because I could not focus on tasks that needed to be done.
I wanted to do so many things but no direction on how they would be accomplished. I didn’t realize how much I was in my own way with my inner child crying out to be healed so I can walk in my purpose. I overthought EVERYTHING, I always needed reassurance or validation, scared to step out of my comfort zone. I got the courage to seek a spiritual healer/therapist who I can talk to about what happened in my past to sort through all those feelings and emotions was so freeing and liberating. Being able to speak to someone who isn’t judgmental is healing is therapeutic.
My business suffered because I couldn’t give something I didn’t have, I couldn’t promote it because of insecurities and self doubt. I realized that I was in the wrong business, my heart wasn’t in it. I had paid my business coach, Coch Melony, and did everything for my current business but was hell bent on doing things my way with Blue Butterfly Nursing. Due to the lack of enthusiasm I had for BBN and constantly being in my own way, I shut it down. Now I am doing what I paid my business coach for, Holistic Wellness For You, and I am very confident in my business today in what I offer.
Just in the short days of 2020 I have stepped totally out my comfort zone and will be making decisive decisions for myself and my business. I have co-authored two books, Speaking My Truth and I Am The Voice. I responded to two HARO inquiries, one was published/featured. I am finally releasing workbooks and resources that I’ve been working on for two years. This may not seem like much to some but for me this is huge and I am proud of me.

As her coach and someone whose watched her find her way, I'm proud of her too. We at Stronger Than My Struggles salute you Afrikus.

Find out more about Afrikus and Holistic Wellness For You at

We Salute Afrikus! Are you a survivor who thrives? We want to celebrate you also. Submit your story here


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