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During The Covid-19 Pandemic We've Assisted Families & Community Members With Relief Funds

When the Coronavirus pandemic first hit, none of us thought that five months later we'd all be in face masks, some would be woefully unemployed or underemployed and that kids would be out of school and eating everyone out of house and home.

I found Myself in an uncomfortable position as we all battled the changes that Covid-19 brought into our lives. All around Me, people were suffering; they were losing their jobs and livelihood, they struggled to keep their fridge and freezers full, and wondered how they would feed kids who had no return date for school. Let's not even get into the demand for childcare as essential employees were forced to work while their kids were out of school.

Everywhere I turned, someone was struggling. I couldn't sit back in silence and watch. I had to do something, I wasn't sure what. Finally it dawned on Me that I could sacrifice a little of My luxury to make surer others didn't have to experience poverty. Taking My $1,000 a week spa budget and $1,200 stimulus check, I launched "Melony Hill Can Help", a Covid-19 relied fund for members of the Stronger Than My Struggles tribe.

I've been blessed to be able to assist nearly two dozen individuals and families from this fund and God-willing, I'll be able to continue blessing them throughout this national pandemic.

There's been times in My past that money came to Me in abundance yet I was unprepared mentally to appreciate and understand how much good I could do with it. In the three years since I launched Stronger Than My Struggles, I have grown so much, shed massive levels of selfishness while healing Myself and others along the way.

How could I NOT want to give back? Has Covid-19 left your family in a bind? If you're an active member of the STMS family, reach out via you are not alone.


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