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I Can't Believe They Gave Me Citations in Honor of My Work With Survivors!

2019 has been a winning year for Me. I can't get over how many amazing things have happened in My life. Our Crazy Like A Fox Tour just ended and after hitting four major east coast cities, ending at home in Baltimore, I was unprepared for the surprise one of My speakers had for Me.

Thamicha, a panelist from our Philly tour stop, told Me she had a surprise for Me but I was totally unprepared. After intermission she blew My mind by presenting Me with citations signed by Baltimore City Mayor, Jack Young for the tour

Citation from Baltimore City

To My further surprise, she presented Me with a secondary proclamation from the borough of Brooklyn in New York. How cool!

Citation from Brooklyn

I couldn't have been more shocked to be recognized for My work in Baltimore City. I often feel like i'm ignored here in the city, if not purposely ostracized by people who have powerful position in the arts and humanitarian sectors. These proclamations reminded Me that no matter ow much I FEEL like I'm not making enough impact, or being recognized enough, that I never know who is watching.

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