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Girls Run the World Youth Breakfast

I'm finding Myself nervous as I try to write something to say to young, school-aged girls to inspire them to greatness. There's always such a mixture of hopefulness and depression in the room when you mix a group of people, even children. How do you reach them all?

I grew up in a household where I was punished for having dreams. As an abused child, I often attempted to escape into other worlds through reading books, My mom took My books. In turn, I started to create My own stories and worlds. I wrote My way out of the trauma and abuse I faced daily. Through My writing, I lived vicariously and free.

When someone would asked Me about My future, I'd proudly proclaim that I'd be a writer and maybe an actress, but for sure, I'd be famous. My mother hated My ambition and will to thrive despite the abuse and trauma I'd endured. She'd constantly tell Me that I was nothing, I'd be nothing, I'd never be famous or worldwide known. Though she was a writer as well, I received no encouragement in honing My craft.

Majoring in theater in high school, intent on becoming skilled enough to make a name for Myself, My mom never attended any of My performances either. No matter how talented or industrious I was, U was told I'd never amount to anything.

The thing is, when you say that to a child, they tend to believe it. They don't know how wrong adults can be, they're taught to trust and believe, especially their caretakers. For years, I lived up to what I was told, not chasing My dreams or trying to create the life I desired, but living the way I thought I had to.

It may have taken Me years and winding roads into territories I never thought I'd visit but today, I have the exact life I envisioned as a child. I write for a living, My writing is able to help and impact people around the world. Not only that, I have become quite popular, I'm on the cover of books and magazines, have been featured on television and in videos.

It took Me so long to overcome what I was taught about my inferiority, as I sit and talk with these young ladies this weekend, I hope to instill in them the message that dreams do come true. I want them to know that the life we have while young, is not all we have. I hope to inspire them to chase their dreams no matter what they are.

If you're in the Baltimore area, feel free to bring the special school-aged young lady in your life. GRAB A TICKET

There will be a leadership workshop, vendors, fun, games, prizes and of course PANCAKES!!! Tickets are only $5!

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