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WOW, First The Local Paper Now TIME Magazine.

I've been in silent awe of Myself for the last few weeks. I feel like I'm on the precipice of something big. I sure hope so, things are getting overwhelming on My own. Last month, I was asked to speak at an event in support of International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers in Baltimore. I was booked by S.W.O.P ( Sex Worker's Outreach Project) Baltimore, and enjoyed the atmosphere, people and opportunity to advocate.

I was shocked when they asked Me to speak with a reporter. I obliged of course. The chance interview ended Me up in a local print and online paper, the Baltimore Beat, with My photo as the cover photo for the article. It was the first time someone else put in writing that I had been a sex worker for over 20 years. Read the Baltimore Beat article

I couldn't believe it when just two weeks after the Baltimore Beat article was released, there was an interview request from TIME Magazine. I don't think I allowed Myself to believe that it was actually TIME but it indeed, was. Imagine My astonishment when I thought that I was being contacted just for a quote or brief statement, only to have the reporter contact Me back afterwards, asking for a photo to use with the article. She contacted Me back 3 days later, asking to do a follow-up interview.

I'm eager and a little nervous about what the article will say, but I'm ready to no longer hide. I love walking in My truth. I'll make sure to share it when it's released.

DON'T FORGET: I'm headed to New York in 7 days to attend BlogHer18 Health, I could really use some help. Donate to

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