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I Had 17 Teeth Pulled In One Month.

I wrote this the day I got My new dentures last year. I was so happy and grateful to be able to smile again.

God has all authority over My life

I was up writing here in the middle of the night in mental and emotional pain. Everything that I knew I’ve lost in the last few months, leaving Me grasping on to what pieces of My life I can salvage while forging forward. I went to My dentist this morning no longer discouraged, but instead excited. While I didn’t have the money to pay off My teeth I was getting closer to the finish line. My dentist surprised Me today, he pulled the remaining two teeth I needed pulled and gave Me My upper plates. I now have a full beautiful smile.

I STILL have $700 to pay but as least I can get it now without all the stress I was under. I can get it now without the fear of My front tooth falling out before I could afford to fix the top teeth. But like I told you in the middle of the night God already spoke to Me and let Me know that I needed to let Him work. He has all authority over My life and as always, he made a way out of no way, just for Me. So much stress is off Me now, I’m just focused on the same thing I told you this morning, making the money to pay off these teeth, to keep building My new life and take care of My son. If I continue to do the right things and stay on the path then the rest will work out. To God be the glory. I got My life back.

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