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Join our online resource and support group for compassion, motivation and help with overcoming your struggles. You're stronger than your struggles, and you don't have to struggle alone. Click HERE

"I'm Stronger Than My Struggles, And You Are Too!


Are you battling disability or chronic illness and trying to find purpose through your pain?

Do you feel as if things you've done/have been done to you in the past limit your ability to build your future?

Me too! So are many of the people I work as a coach, advocate and consultant.


What if I told you that I have developed proven methods to help you break free of  the bonds of pain, shame, chronic illness and low self -esteem?


Would you give yourself permission to be who you were supposed to be before life happened?

It's not too late to Rediscover You & Reclaim Your Life. 

Schedule a consultation with Coach Melony today


Are you a survivor   interested in writing as a form of healing?

Join our weekly therapeutic writing workshop, Writing For My Sanity. 

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