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Do You Have A Story To Share?

Have You Achieved Your Dreams Despite The Obstacles Thrown Your Way?

Share Your Story Here.

Coach Mel interviews Survivors and Thrivers from all walks of life. Do you have a story to share?
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Tia L. Lincoln has not let her circumstances growing up limit her dreams. She  is an author, crime show narrator and more. Check out or interview

When Maia Weinstock was a young girl there were no STEM programs. Science and technology were deemed "boy things." This innovator hasn't let that limit her. She creates STEM and and educational products for all. Most recently, she created the Women of NASA minifigure set for LEGO. Check out our Interview.

Paradise Rodriguez is not only a model and  brand ambassador, she's a survivor. The young beauty queen is also an ovarian cancer survivor  with a heart condition. She never  let's anything stop her. Check out our interview.

Genielle Blondell did what most women would never dare, left her children with her husband as she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Find out more about Genielle's journey, check out our interview.

Robyn King spent much of her life feeling shame the shame of someone else's deeds. In shame, she hid who she was the her own power and strength for so long, afraid others would discover her secret. Robyn no longer hides in the shadows, instead, she's stepping into the light to inspire other survivors of sexual assault like her self. Check out our interview.

Arlene Major is a domestic violence survivor who has dedicated her life to helping other victims and survivors. Through 50 Shades of Blue, she inspires and empowers other who have been the victim of domestic violence. Check out our interview 

Domestic violence survivor and advocate, Keisha Christian, spreads her message of self-love and faith as she helps domestic violence victims and survivors worldwide. Check out our interview

Long-time sexual assault victim and survivor, Elona Washington's start as a statistic took her on a journey she could have never expected. Today, she stands strong in who she is and is a 4x best selling author. Check out or interview 

Lashawn "Suga Ray" Marston's life's struggles led him to his sister's floor as he contemplated suicide. After a long bout with depression and struggle with other issues, Marston changed his life around, dedicating it to helping others. Read our interview.

After fleeing a domestic violence situation, Tokashemia Grady suffered a stroke that almost took her life. Bouncing back, this nurse and author regained control of her life and health as she travels the U.S. helping others heal. Check out or interview.

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