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Am I the Only One Trying to Survive Social Media After R. Kelly?

I hadn't even noticed that I haven't been blogging, Guess that's part of the curse of being a multiple and thinking you're on top of things. I find it ironic that the same topic of My last blog post is what draws Me back here to free My mind form this R. Kelly crap.

Last night was hard for Myself and other sexual assault survivors. It seems the whole world had gathered in anticipation to listen to the morbid details of how R. Kelly preyed upon, manipulated and sexually assaulted and abused teen girls and young women.

What was more disturbing than the man's actual actions, were the comments and statuses from people on My social media streams. There were so many people who made excuses for his behavior, blamed the victims, looked to shame the women, called them liars for waiting so long to come forward and more.

I couldn't handle that crap and went to bed early. I awoke to the same nonsense, the whole world was talking and shaming, many of them shaming the victims more than the perpetrator.

Found Myself literally, writing for My sanity this morning. I wrote a new article about My experience attempting to survive social media after R. Kelly. Check out My article below.

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