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Cameasha Muhammad Knows the Power of Self-Love

Name: Cameasha Muhammad

Hometown: Oklahoma

Current Location: Detroit, MI

Occupation: Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author

Cameasha is a Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Speaker, an Author. She holds an M.A. in Forensic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Mindset and Behavior Mastery. She guides women to live their life on their own terms and live in their dreams now by evoking vision to live fearlessly, boldly, and authentically with courage, confidence, and compassion for who they really are. With a background in radio and communications, she knows that words are powerful.

She also knows firsthand how it feels to dim your light to let others shine and the need to take care of others. She has a strong will to help other women not feel fearful and alone. To not be dictated by the words, needs and wants of others before their own. To boldly and fearlessly walk in their light and finally stop waiting for things to happen and build the courage to go out and make things happen while being exactly who they are.

Cameasha lays her heart out for her clients and creates a safe, open, and family-like environment to first let them know they have a place where inclusiveness is most important and they are encouraged to be who they truly are. Her heart, mind, soul, and ears are truly open to listen to what their heart is truly trying to release. She is your catalyst for change and to help you realize your true worth, kick fear in the face, build confidence for change and be who you are unapologetically.

STMS: What drew you to the Reclaiming My Time from the 9-5 Grind Anthology?

CM: I was drawn to the anthology because time is one of the things that made me take a chance on myself for once. Time became a very important part of my story and reclaiming my time was a part of reclaiming my life. Living for me and being exactly who I am no matter what.

STMS: Have you previously published a book? If so, please tell us about your published works. If not, will you be publishing more books within 2018?

CM: No but I am working on publishing a short-read series and a book this year.

STMS: What led you to taking the leap into self-employment? How long has you been working for yourself?

CM: I have been working for myself for 2 years. I went into self-employment because I was tired of living someone else’s standards that wasn’t as high as my own. I also felt my integrity was constantly being challenged everyday working somewhere where I didn’t set the standards or rules. I knew that I should be doing more and that I was not living in my purpose.

STMS: The purpose of this anthology is to inspire other women to take the leap into self- employment by sharing our own journey. Each woman’s journey will look totally different. What would your advice be to a woman who feels her past is a hinderance to her future greatness?

CM: I would say first know what you want. Know what you want your life to look like and decide if you are ready to make a commitment to yourself. That commitment is to the present you and the future you. Your past is the past and its time to push through so your greatness will have a chance to shine through. You have to stop selling yourself short and give yourself a chance.

STMS: Tell us about your company and what you do for a living.

CM: I am a lifestyle Transformation Coach and speaker I guide women to find the courage, confidence, and compassion for who they truly are so that they can live boldly, fearlessly, and authentically.

STMS: Were your friends and family supportive of your decision to leave the safety of your full-time employment to start your own business? If not, how did you handle their lack of support?

CM: At the time I chose to go into entrepreneurship full time I had decided that I was what mattered and I had to begin to take care of what was best for me without outside influence. My husband was supportive. He knew that working for someone else was not for me, he encouraged it.

STMS: What do you think is the most important lesson you’ve learned business-wise in the last year? How did it change your perspective from last year?

CM: That you can’t do it alone. Contrary to popular belief, you can only get so far alone. You can do a bit by your lonely but you will eventually need someone to guide you that has done it before. A coach or mentor and then you will need to build a team. A team with integrity and loyalty is key.

STMS: What are your top goals for the remainder of the year?

CM: To launch my new coaching program, get on some live stages that I haven’t been on before and create impact by helping as many women as possible create a life that they truly want to live and know that it is okay and they have the right to be exactly who they are. You can be successful and build the most fulfilling life being yourself.

STMS: Where can people follow you online?

CM: I am found on all social media at CameashaRM and my website is

Look for Reclaiming My Time from the 9-5 Grind coming soon

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