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Melony Interviewed About Book Publishing, Workshops & Her journey as an Author (Video Inside)

I've been getting a lot of local press in the last month or so. Recently I have had radio interviews, a local blog write-up and even a local podcast interview. I'm loving the attention.

I've been a Baltimore based entrepreneur for 11 years, yet My city has paid Me little attention. I have fans across the glob, but at home, I live a life of obscurity.

I've been working on being more visible locally, which is part of the reason I joined the Impact Hub. I met Troy Jones at the Impact Hub. Troy is the head of 108 Organization, a brotherhood organization that aims to assist men in many of the ways I aim to assist women.

Troy recently invited Me onto his weekly Facebook Live show to discuss book publishing, we also discussed My Publish Your Book on Any Budget Workshop which will be held again September 30,2017. Grab a ticket and reserve your seat.

Check out the interview below ( You may want to fast forward video to about 10-15 mins in, there was a problem with the sound for the first 10 minutes or so.)

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