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Coach*Speaker*Workshop Facilitator

Coach Melony Hill has been an entrepreneur for over 13 years and has an extensive wealth of  experience and  information to share with those just starting in the business and well as tips for veterans, like herself. She has headed the Baltimore branch of the Freelancers Union, while also being voted National Curriculum Lead for the national organization for entrepreneurs with over 400,000 members. 

Between her coaching programs,and weekly workshops, Coach Melony has been instrumental in the life transition of over 300 survivors since 2017.


In May 2019 Coach Melony launched the Crazy Like a Fox Tour, the first ever Black mental health awareness tour. Hard work pays off, while on her groundbreaking tour, Coach Melony was honored to win Literary Trailblazer of the Year at the 2019 Indie Author Legacy Awards.

Coach Melony speaks and trains on topics including but not limited to:  


  • Writing & Journaling to Heal 

  • Self-Publishing & Memoir Writing

  • Living a Productive Life with Invisible Illnesses

  • Reclaiming your Life from Adversity


Interested in having Coach Melony speak at your upcoming event or host a  workshop for your group?


What Are People Saying  About  Working With Coach Mel?

How has Melony inspired me? There have been many days that just getting out of bed was more than I could bear, but a kind word from Mel or even her recognizing I was down and calling me to show her concern helped bring me out of a crisis. Having conversations and learning all she's been through, but watching her rise above it all even on days that weigh heavy on her is a major inspiration in my life. Melony shows me there's nothing that can't be overcome.

Michael Zaymillion

Detroit, Michigan

Melony Hill is so open to offering a word of encouragement and support. When she writes, her words form this unique tone and voice and they make you say to yourself "I need to pay attention to what this woman is saying." That's so important to me. This is a woman who is completely inter-sectional and authentic. I love that.

Rene Brooks

Harrisburg, PA

You definitely have had and still are having your struggles, but you are getting stronger every day. I am so proud of you. I love how you are not afraid to tell your stories, whether it is written and/or spoken. You definitely touched lives.of others by telling your stories of struggles and successes. I am looking forward to your next adventures.

Alexander Sing


So very inspiring, Melony Hill has overcome obstacles that meant to tear her down but instead she "ROSE" above it and is DOING HER THING! Great Job for Empowering and giving back! My newest she'ro 💝❤️🌹

Eveline Daveiga

Eye opening transparency and full-grown realness. ���

Imani Williams

Las Vegas, Nevada

Some ppl use Facebook to fake the funk. My beautiful sister let's it all hang out. Nothing is off limits for her. It's mind blowing that someone could be so transparent. It's quite refreshing these days. I've been following this young lady for a while now. She never ceases to amaze me. And she always says something and shares something to make me wanna keeping on pushing. Blessings to you my love. Keep on keeping on. 

Willie Jewel


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